The Suicide Prevention Coalition of Jefferson, Clear Creek and Gilpin Counties, is a group of community organizations and interested individuals in Colorado seeking to address the issue of suicide in our community.  We are mental health providers, social workers, school staff, health specialists, law enforcement, business owners, suicide survivors, and caregivers who provide training, resources, and information around the issue of suicide prevention.


Jefferson Center for Mental HealthJefferson Center for Mental Health – Helpline Phone Number – 303-425-0300

Jefferson Center for Mental Health is a community mental health center serving Jefferson, Gilpin & Clear Creek Counties since 1958.  The Center is committed to providing quality mental health services and treatment options in an atmosphere of mutual respect.


Heather Trish, NCC, LPC Suicide Prevention Coordinator   |    Phone: 303-432-5265   |   For Gilpin, Clear Creek and Jefferson Counties




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